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Looking for a shark

I’m one of the lucky folk living in Rome’s beach, better known as Ostia.

Just 2 days ago, Ostia was starring in all the tv news beacuse of a little and absolutely innocuous shark. Its only fault was to approach the shore and “diving”  there for about 10 minutes.

Enough time to attract people, ready to take pictures and make videos of the innocent shark.  Even journalists came praying for the shark coming again. Meanwhile in front of the camera where the witnesses of the incredible event: family men, grandmothers, children. Everyone had a real or not so real story to tell.

They were all waiting and waiting, but the shark didn’t come back!

Anyway, as I still have a few days off, yesterday I spent the afternoon on the beach. Usually I like to go a bit far from central Ostia, in Castel Porziano Beach.

It’s a long and  large public beach with bars, restaurants, toilets and showers, car parks very full on the weekends.  It’s possible to reach Castel Porziano even by bus.You can choose to bring your personal umbrellas and  sunbeds or hiring them directly there.

I usually hire a sunbed on the shore.  Yesterday it was the right time to swim and eating an ice cream, as Lucifero is still acting!

This was the view from my sunbed, but … no shark, sorry!

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