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Going nuts…

Yesterday we went with some friends to Caprarola.

Capararola is a really nice village near Viterbo, so… about 60 km for central Rome, but, as we live to Lido di Roma, something like 95 km.

We arrived in the evening and we had a walk just to discover the beauty of the place. As  soon as I went out of the car I came across to this little fountain with birds. Very romantic.

Then we started to walk and we reached the magnificent Palazzo Farnese, built in the 16th century by the noble family Farnese .

Then we visited the narrow streets of Caprarola.

And we also found shops with nice signs, like this one:  ” Hairdressers since 3 generations”.

We had also the chance to be there during the “Sagra della Nocciola di Caprarola”. It’s a fair held every year to celebrate the most important Caparola’s producthazelnuts.

I love hazelnuts! They were selling toasted hazelnuts and a cream called Nellina, which is a hazelnut cream, similar to Nutella, but withouth preservative. They make also another version with honey, Apinella. They are so good. I couldn’ resist!!

And this is what I bought

– 2 jars of Nellina

– 1 jar of Apinella and some hazelnut sweets

After the walk and the shopping we stopped at Pizzeria “I due  Gallozzi”.  And…this is a really big surprise. We ate enourmous and incredibly tasty pizza. They were so big to go out of the plates and the ingredients were so good you could not stop eating.

This was my pizza

And this was my face when the waitress brought me the pizza

The place was very typical with wooden tables and chairs and we could see the pizzaiolo while was making pizza. The owners are very kind and friendly. Even the price was very satisfying.

And then the big final for the “Sagra della Nocciola” with a big parade in the main street of Caprarola.

We’re still singing a Shakira‘s song they were dancing…

Pizzeria ” I due Gallozzi”

Via Filippo Nicolai

Caprarola (Viterbo)


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