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A stroll (and memories) in Trastevere #cosebelle in Rome

I have a special bond with Trastevere. Our “affair” started a long time ago in an unforgettable way. It was my first day in my flat in Rome, in my first year of University. At that time, I was sharing the flat with my best friend and with an older friend.

Happy and tired for the emotional day, we didn’t expect to go out that evening, but someone knocked on the door. So, we met our neighbours from Tuscany. They were already friends of our flatmate and after a glass of Coke, they invited us to go to Trastevere.

We jumped in their old red Renault 4 and in 20 minutes we arrived at Trastevere. We spent the evening and part of the night walking in the alleys, stopping for a drink in a bar and chatting seated around the fountain of Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere. It was really a perfect night, the very start of my Roman social life.


I rarely go to Trastevere during the day, but this time I had a date with a friend for lunch, so I decided to stroll around in the morning. I arrived at Trastevere by bus, and I walked for a while along Lungotevere Raffaello Sanzio.

Then I passed by Piazza Gioacchino Belli, Piazza Sidney Sonnino


and I took Via della Lungaretta.


Some wine was already on the table…


Mick Jagger smiled with a red nose…


But what I like the most are the alleys of Trastevere.



Then I arrived at Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere.


I had a coffee in a bar.


I love to read the messages outside the restaurants.


” Come inside and eat. Then pay and leave a tip!! ”

After my walk, I finally met my friend at Gino51, a typical trattoria romana.


We ordered pizzotte. I had one with mozzarella, spinach and sausage, while my friend decided for a pizzotta with mortadella and pistachio. They were tasty and very well cooked. The staff were friendly and very helpful.


Then we made our way to Piazza Trilussa


Just some tourists eating on the stairs. But I will be back soon for a night in Trastevere, all will be different!


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