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Discover Civita di Bagnoregio #cosebelle

During the summer, I like to spend my free time in one – day trips in places nearby Rome. I discovered Civita di Bagnoregio only four years ago, but this little magic town has become one of my favourites to spend a day. The dying town Civita di Bagnoregio is known as the dying town. The first time I came, I was just speechless: a beautiful valley and in the middle, atop a hill, stands Civita di Bagnoregio. Unfortunately, the hill is made by a friable tufa causing a never-ending erosion. Lately, the authorities started to reinforce the plateau. The perfect town to relax If you like a quiet holiday, be aware that on winter time just a dozen of people lives in Civita di Bagnoregio, while in the summer they can be more than one hundred. The perfect place to relax. Civita di Bagnoregio can be reached only by walking Civita di Bagnoregio can be reached only by walking, so, I suggest you go early in the morning after an energetic breakfast. Personally, I’m afraid of …

Valentina De Martini

Explore the loft of a painter #cosebelle

Last Saturday, I attended a blogging and Instagram workshop by Chiara Cecilia Santamaria, the popular blogger of Machedavvero, in a beautiful loft in the neighbour of San Lorenzo. Little I knew about this beautiful house, but soon I discovered that the owner is Valentina Di Martino, a painter. Thanks to onefinestay,  we all had the opportunity to spend the morning in this amazing loft. Once I was in, I met the other attendants in the patio It’s a beautiful space with violet stairs leading to a terrace. The beautiful portraits of women in the living room have all the same rigorous measurements: 2m40 x 42cm. After the excellent #mcdworkshop, I asked Chiara of onefinestay to visit the rest of the loft. This ethnic door takes you to the sleeping area. Then it was time to go and I was so sorry for not being able to spend a couple of days there. Maybe next time!    

Enjoy Hanamy at Laghetto dell’EUR #cosebelle in Rome

When Spring comes, there’s a place in Rome where you can feel as in Japan and hanami, enjoy the view of the blooms of the cherry trees. So, last week I went a couple of times to EUR little lake (Laghetto dell’EUR) for a walk under the tree. Around the lake, there’s a path called Passeggiata del Giappone, Japan walk, where 1100 cherry trees stand. In 1959 the Japanese premier  Nobusuke Kishi donated 2500 cherry trees to Rome and officially opened the Japanese Walk. Every year, between March and April, I’m one of the people who wait with trepidation for the cherry trees blossoms. This year we had an early spring, so, on March 24 the trees were already full of beautiful blooms. It’s so relaxing to walk under these blooms! For a while, you feel to be somewhere else, very far from the city. Especially at the weekend, the park is crowded with people sitting in the grass for a picnic. Sometimes, you can meet people wearing the traditional Japanese clothes. One day I will come wearing the yukata …