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Villa del Priorato di Malta

Villa del Priorato di Malta #cosebelle in Rome

One of the most famous views of Saint Peter’s Basilica is the one you can peek through the keyhole at the door of Priorato di Malta. Every day there’s a big queue of people waiting to see this incredible image of Saint Peter’s Cupola. This is the main entrance to Villa del Priorato di Malta, located on Aventine Hill (one of the seven hills of Rome) and last week I booked a visit to discover what’s inside with Laura from Bellezze di Roma.  Villa del Priorato di Malta is home to the Grand Priory in Rome of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. Villa del Priorato di Malta together with Palazzo Malta (located on Via Condotti) has an extraterritorial status since 1869. We weren’t famous enough to enter from this famous door, so we got in from a secondary entrance which takes you directly to the Church of Santa Maria del Priorato. Originally the Church was built in 939. At that time Odo of Cluny was given the Roman Palace of Alberic II of Spoleto, then …